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July 20, 2019


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Which Comedy Podcast is Better Than The Podcast of No Return?

Which is your favorite comedy podcast channel? I’m sure you have a long list especially due to the boom that social media podcasting has created over the years. Things have changed. In the past, everyone relied on TVs and Radios (do they still exist?!) for information and entertainment but the space is now user-oriented. According to the Statista Organization, more than three billion people are using social media at this very time! If you can reach them in these platforms, you’re likely to achieve much as a comedian. When you want the best comedy podcast, take a look at our checklist.

Does the comedy relate with you?

My childhood was mostly spent watching King Fu movies. I thought the movies were entirely real and whenever I hut the frame of the door, I wanted to try those stunts out! After growing up, I realized I badly wanted to know what the movies were all about because the Chinese language was too difficult to fathom. I noted that plot, content and language use was everything for my type of movie.

I know you have a similar story and it’s the same case when you are dealing with comedy podcasts. It can be frustrating to watch a show for five minutes when you really don’t even understand what it is about. So, you must be sure to pick ‘the Podcast of no Return’ only because it conveys ideas in a way you can relate.

What does this suggest? Well, if you’re Chinese and you do not speak any other language, you might have no use for Portuguese content and vice versa. The point is, at least, you should get a comedy film that helps you relate with your situation in a language you can understand. But, don’t bring Charlie Chaplain’s case in this though.

Who stars in the comedy podcast?

Among the thing that really grasp the audience’s attention is the speaker. Yes- it matters who sings so that you can listen to a song. The person who sings matters as much as the song lyrics do. If Dave Chappelle is having a comedy tour around New York, you can be sure we’ll all flock there! A little into history, the nineties were heavily dominated by actors such as Sharon Stone whose movies sold like hot cake. This is simply because the prominence of a story is largely dependent on the persona.

Now, if you want to try out the best podcasts, you should think about the comedian themselves, the language they use and certainly, the availability of the clip. Also, see if the podcast is available for free or it requires you to make subscriptions. However, do not ignore a comedy podcast just because the guys aren’t prominent yet- you’ll get the best raw talents there! And, you can take a look at some of the best funny podcasts of all time.