A Simple Plan For Investigating

July 20, 2019


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Using The EMP Bags

Knowing how to use the EMP bags in the first place is something that’s necessary. Getting the right size for yourself is something that you should also consider when having the EMP bags. If you’re not sure what EMP bags are for, then doing a quick online search should provide you the necessary info. You can also view here for the different size options.

Knowing more about emp protection

You should be aware that there are certain sources for EMP generation. The sun is considered to be the most common source for EMPs. However, even though it’s really powerful, EMP from the sun can’t reach the planet earth. Another source of EMP is the manmade ones. With that said, you should know that the electromagnetic bomb is a power source of EMP. With that said, you can read more about its effects if you’re somewhat curious. In any case, this article will help you understand why EMP bags are needed.

Still, you should at least know that conductive materials permeate the energy from the EMP. An electromagnetic pulse is something that’s capable of disabling electronic parts and structures within its blast radius. Nearby conductors and powerlines also affect the EMP radius and tend to extend it further in certain cases. While EMP does not have any effect on one’s physiology, having an electronic implant can be dangerous for someone. With that said, having an emp proof gear is necessary when it comes to dealing with materials that can emit EMPs that are powerful enough to cripple electronics. This company should also be able to provide you more information about the emp gear that’s needed for this kind of situation.

Why it’s important to know about this in the first place

One thing that you should know about a solar flare is that it generates about 50 decibels of gamma radiation. Having an emp bag can filter out more than eighty percent of that radiation. Since it’s only 6 decibels, you should know that it’s too weak to damage the electronics. Since EMP bombs produce as much gamma radiation, it’s safe to say that emp bags are reliable enough to be considered as EMP bomb shields. Still, you should know that there are also stronger EMP bombs.

If you want to know how emp bags filter out the pulse, you can see that here!

The electromagnetic pulse from a super-EMP bomb can reach up to 80 decibels. Still, nesting the emp bags has proven to block higher amounts of gamma radiation. Having that said, it’s safe to assume that a dual-layered emp bag is enough to mitigate the force from the super-EMP bomb.

While the military usually make use of the emp bags, it’s also important that the average person will be able to have their protection against EMPs.