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April 23, 2019


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Consolidated Laboratories

As a way to make lab testing more efficient, a few hospitals are centralizing their lab operations into one core facility, instead of sending samples to multiple places. This new technique is referred to as Consolidated Lab Testing. Consolidated Lab Testing is created for the purpose of reducing cost expenditures, time, and effort.

Consolidated Lab Testing is designed to hold a wide variety of tests such as the normal routinary hematology tests down to more complex ones like toxicology and molecular genetic tests. One biggest advantage of this is to have the results delivered in a matter of hours rather than having to wait for days which is advantageous for both the providers and patients. This can only mean that the necessary treatments to be done can be started immediately.

This new approach is also very beneficial for health systems having a lot of hospitals under it. Expansion of medical facilities in one health system is now less of a big deal.

Before transitioning to this new approach of testing, it is imperative for hospitals to have more knowledge about their dire need of creating a centralized lab unit so they need to gather reliable info. It is also necessary to gather information about how many test providers are existing in the hospital and if there is a need for expansion or just maintain the regular amount of tests offered. The next thing to consider is the hiring of new staff members and how to get the necessary additional resources. There might be a need to add more medical practitioners and health professionals. The last thing to look at is the space where you will build your new centralized lab facility. Whether it be an extra space within the hospital’s vicinity or a different place altogether, the space should be open for ease of setting up equipment as well as storing and processing test samples.

The health care executives should also consider the lab working hours of operation along with appropriate staffing levels. There should also be a plan for test sample management and the lab’s maximum capacity in terms of available equipment and personnel.

It is also necessary for the lab to have an established flow with regards to the testing procedures, handling of samples, and waste disposal methods.

When operating a laboratory, hospitals and health systems must strictly follow some rules and regulations from various health government agencies.

The lab is working on various tests which may contain a number of harmful biomolecules and dangerous chemicals so there should be a need for an established protocol to handle these things to avoid contamination and outbreak of diseases.

In order to avoid security breaches, an authorized crew of personnel should be kept to check and withdraw the information needed from various lab results.

If you want to know more about consolidated lab testing, this useful site holds an array of information.